Phantom 315W CMh Reflector
 Phantom 315W CMh Reflector
CMH Reflector with attachment

Phantom CMH Reflectors

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For an intense downward light pattern, the PHR3150 is your best choice for performance and value. Multifaceted 95% European hammertone aluminum for excellent light uniformity and diffusion. Patented double-wall design maintains optimum lamp temperature while keeping the reflector cool. Exceptionally consistent delivery of the CMH lamp's superior color spectrum and PAR output.

*Important - hot re-strike can take up to 15 minutes. The lamp will take longer to cool down since it has two layers of glass. Please allow enough time for ignition. Philips recommends that you do not operate the lamp for less than 3 minutes or this can cause ignition issues.

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 Phantom 315W CMh Reflector
SKU Package Dimensions Socket Type Reflector Type Instructions Additional Information
PHR3150 20.00L x 18.90W x 9.40H Double-ended K12 x 30s sockets Open Click Here Cut Sheet